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Our BCBAs are passionate about applying the methods of ABA to help children and adolescents meet their potential!  BCBAs are responsible for assessing the needs of their clients, supervising services, and providing ongoing support for parents and family member


ABA Therapists and RBTs

 ABA Therapists and RBTs at Teach Us, LLC are well trained and love working with children and adolescents to be the best they can be!  


Social Skills Trainers

Teach Us, LLC specializes in Social Skills Groups for all ages.  Using researched curriculum, our groups are fun and engaging.  Clients can practice their skills in a relaxed, naturalistic setting at our center with new friends they meet here!

What is ABA anyway?

Applied Behavior Analysis

 Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a therapy based on empirically validated learning principles, including operant and classical conditioning.  It involves a systematic process of objective data collection on the problem behaviors to be changed, and the step-by-step behavioral modification of the behavior through reshaping of alternate (“better”) behavior.  Children with autism or intellectual/development impairment can have difficulties complying with the requests of adults and peers, and with learning the social behaviors that other kids pick up naturally.  ABA addresses both of these issues and has a substantial body of empirical support.  Beyond its application to autism or intellectual/development impairment, ABA has been empirically shown to be effective in a wide variety of areas, including parent training for typically developing children, in substance abuse treatment, dementia management, brain injury rehabilitation, occupational safety intervention, among others area. 

Let us help your child meet their potential.

Our Services

Home-Based ABA Services


Home-based ABA therapy can effectively help children and adolescents learn to function more independently.  Using ABA we target daily life skills, executive functioning skills, self-regulation and coping skills.  Our clients develop and generalize appropriate and effective social skills and learn the skills to increase success in the community.  Home-based ABA includes parent consultation and systematic fading so parents feel supported and empowered with using ABA techniques to teach and manage their child's behavior on their own.

Center-Based ABA Services


Center-based ABA services allows for generalization across environments, materials, and people.  Our center provides a safe, comfortable setting to work on skills around other children.  

Social Skills Groups


We LOVE teaching Social Skills!  We believe kids learn best when they are having fun!  Our center allows for table activities, team building tasks, and a relaxed, naturalistic setting where kids can work on choice-making, playing games, conversation skills, and so much more!  They'll love hanging out with friends while our ABA therapists coach them through important social interactions.

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